Beyond Planners wants your event to ensure a cheerful, and visceral reaction from your guests the minute they arrive. Whatever ambiance you envision, our event designers will help you bring a unique style and develop a truly extraordinary atmosphere. Our event services include everything that you will require to make your celebration worthwhile.

Design Your Dream

Our decor solutions are meant to expand your guests’ comfort & flexibility, encourage social interaction, and at the same time look elegant and classy!
We want your guests to be incredibly impressed by the high-quality event designs that we will integrate in all the events. So, whether you’re hosting an outdoor bachelor party in the middle of the summer for 500 guests, or planning an intimate dinner inside for 100, you can be rest assured that our event planners will cooperate and ensure that every event is of the highest quality. Furthermore, Our staff understands the significance of staying true to your requirements and needs.

Farmhouse-style event decoration

 In this decoration style, we use a very neutral coloured palette. It has a rural touch and everything gives a fresh feel. For example,the flowers will look like they were freshly picked from the field. In addition to that, wicker and wooden materials are used to maintain the natural elements of the compositions.

Minimalist-style event decoration

The minimalist style continues to be at the top of the list of the current trends in event decoration. It is a very sophisticated and elegant style in which we opt for sober tones such as gray, navy blue, black, and white.

Theme-based event decoration

It is a style of decoration which is tailored based on a theme. It can be used in all kinds of events and usually depends on the tastes of the couple’s vision. A theme gives the guests an opportunity to really become involved in the day and be excited before the event.
*Boho style event decoration:*It is the one in which we use vibrant colors such as reds, yellows, and greens. One of the most representative flowers of this style is the rose. Now, many young couples want aboho-style wedding and it’s because there is no way you can convey more joy!

Country-style event decoration

The country-style (or rustic country) is an exceptionally natural and simplistic decorating style that brings freshness to events. It is normally used in communions or weddings and rehearsals, We through the use of natural materials and flowers such as lavender make guests feel like they are in the middle of a field.

Our Project

We are delighted to be able to showcase some beautiful weddings and special celebrations that we have had the privilege to plan, design and execute for wonderful clients, all of whom have trusted us to deliver their dream wedding or event.


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