Beyond Planners is a prime provider of planning and management services for corporate events in India. We have a rich experience of working with corporations and companies from a wide range of industries. Whether it’s a seminar aimed at further professional development, or a gathering to celebrate important mile-stones of a team-building event to foster stronger bonds between colleagues, we are here to make it happen efficiently!

Beyond Planners takes care of every aspect of event planning, event production and event management. We supply all the things required, allowing you to focus on the content of your seminar, conference, product launch or team building event.

Our team of proficient designers, technicians and managers take care of everything. Further, we take care of the catering, transportation, decorations, special effects, and entertainment. The comfort of your guests is important to assure productive participation.

Seminars and Conferences

 Organizations plan and hold these meetings with target audience and deliver them with relevant data. We help them handle their work without the stress of planning the event. Given that conferences are done on a large scale and over a long period, it needs a higher level of planning compared to other corporate event types. Some of the key considerations for conferences involve arranging transportation, coordinating with multiple speakers, guests, and arranging catering services. We provide all these services and beyond.


In the corporate setting, workshops are done to teach skills to a small group of participants, usually the employees of a specific organization. Workshops are practical in nature because their objective is to add new skills or knowledge. Given that workshops are hands-on corporate events, we focus on finding a venue that can support this type of event and can offer technical equipment to facilitate it.

Business Or Corporate Dinners

Business or corporate dinners are held for different goals. If the event is a strategy meeting, a catered dinner will be adviced. As planners it is our job to provide catering service and everything else required to ensure the event goes smoothly.

Sit-Down Catering

The guests sit down while our catering team serve them with food and drinks. The caterers ask the guests what they would like to take, and serve them accordingly. This type of service is appropriate for an elegant event.

Food Truck Catering

Food truck catering is most suitable for social gatherings that have a smaller number of guests, gathered out in the field or the lane. One of the most popular catering options for events that have many food vendors is food truck catering. Food trucks, nowadays, are considered as modern restauranting that have revolutionized the conventional food truck into a mobile restaurant.

Our Project

We are delighted to be able to showcase some beautiful weddings and special celebrations that we have had the privilege to plan, design and execute for wonderful clients, all of whom have trusted us to deliver their dream wedding or event.


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