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Event Entertainment Ideas That Will Really AmazeYour Guests

Having entertainment at your event serves more purposes than simply keeping people content. Undoubtedly, some occasions won’t call for much in the way of entertainment. For instance, the motivational speaker who will be the focus of your one-day event will essentially serve as your entertainment. But many occasions could benefit from a little humour mixed in. The appropriate entertainment may help your event succeed across numerous critical criteria, rather than just giving your attendees a dazzling or engaging experience.

There are numerous strategies to make sure that your event truly goes off without a hitch. The ice can be broken between visitors and excitement and amazement can be added to your event by hiring a live performance. When planning an event or party, one concern that many people have is if their attendees will get bored and want to leave. A live performance is unquestionably a fantastic method to keep everyone entertained and shows that you are prepared to go above and beyond to make the evening memorable. It also complements a top-notch DJ or live music performance.

There is no need to fret because there are many excellent performers to select from. Whether you want to hire LED entertainment to get the crowd moving and involved or a magician to leave your guests completely in amazement there are multiple options. The engagement and mood of attendees will increase with entertainment. Don’t let your next event be a bore; instead, use our list as inspiration for your entertainment to ensure that it has the “wow factor.”

Here is a list of amazing entertainment ideas for your event

Acrobatic show

What could be more impressive than a glitzy acrobatic performance including skilled aerialists soaring above your guests in the room? Your visitors will undoubtedly be in utter awe as a result of this, making your event stand out and be a spectacle unlike any other.


Who doesn’t enjoy a little magic? Watching trained magicians amaze and confound us with their abilities and skills is incredibly fascinating. Magicians will leave your visitors wanting more and wondering how they do it during a gathering or party. The magicians who perform this kind of entertainment visit each guest one-by-one, inspiring awe and excitement in the audience.

Fire performers & fire breathers

Add a stunning show of fire performances to your event to give it that additional spark. A fire performer is a fantastic option if you’re looking to provide your visitors with an exciting show. They are also the ideal method to welcome your guests before continuing to put on a breathtaking fire show.

Celebrity Impersonators

A simple and enjoyable entertainment option for any event, even business gatherings, is a celebrity impersonator. Try to match the impersonator with your objectives by taking into account your event and your audience. A charity event, for instance, can be a fantastic venue to book a performer like Cher or Elvis. Think about hiring a group of drag queens or female impersonators for something more audacious and daring. Many talented individuals perform as talented individuals. Get imaginative and outside the box!

Tarot Readings

Employing a tarot reading can be a memorable and entertaining experience for visitors at smaller occasions. People adore and are captivated by things that they cannot fully comprehend. Therefore, do something different rather than taking the traditional way that everyone else does. Make careful you choose a candidate with extensive experience. Your guests will be happy, the better the tarot reading.

Visual Artists

Hiring visual artists can help you give your event a focal point. Consider hiring a live mural artist to incorporate your company’s identity or mission. Consider commissioning an artist to build an art installation if you are organising a benefit or other event to draw attention to a certain problem. Not even that big is necessary. In a cup, a coffee artist can produce works of art. Hiring a local artist is another excellent method to engage the neighbourhood. This kind of display creates a hub for people to congregate around and offers opportunities for social media-friendly photos that will help your brand’s reputation.

Mixology Class

Tops off! Why not host a mixology class for smaller events like a team-building activity or networking session. Employ a pro bartender, and instruct guests on how to make drinks before tasting their concoctions. Consider taking a cookery class if you want to keep alcohol out of your celebration. Hire a local chef to educate your visitors some delectable foods and cooking tips rather than a bartender.

Stilt walkers

They not only interact with others around them, but they also have great entertainment value. The ideal method to welcome your visitors and entice them to stay for the main event is with stilt performers. They can significantly increase public awareness of an event, but particularly because people want to take photos with or interact with them. The theme of your event or party can be matched with a wide range of diverse outfits. Why wouldn’t you use stilt walkers for your event?


Hire a comedian if you want people to laugh. The ice can be broken and conversation started by comedians. Comedians can utilise their comedy to emphasise your cause at fundraisers or other occasions. But keep in mind that everyone has a different sense of humour, so pick your comedian carefully. Trying something new could be precisely what you’re looking for or it could backfire in the eyes of your guests. If you choose this course of action, carefully consider who you will hire.

Live Band

An incredible mood may be created at your party or event with the help of a live band. Any live band, from a pop tribute band to a true cèilidh band, can be chosen to fit any event or party theme.

Despite being one of the more expensive options on the list, a live band’s ability to create a mood is difficult to match. A band can either be the party’s main attraction or simply play softly in the background to set the mood.

I hope you’ll be motivated by these event entertainment suggestions in 2022. Remember that we are available to assist you in planning the most memorable occasions.

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