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Event Theme Ideas to Inspire Your Next Event

Your event’s theme needs to be relevant in order to draw attendance. It doesn’t have to be outrageous, but it must be attention-grabbing. A theme can elegantly tie everything together while also adding structure to the décor and activities. They may be an excellent way for your guests to participate, as well as a fun activity that encourages group participation and offers lots of opportunities for pictures. Whatever the event type, there is a theme to enhance the user experience, change the way your event looks, and generally improve everything.

Here is a lengthy collection of event theme ideas to get your imagination going. These themes range from ambitious ones for big events to those that are appropriate for small gatherings.


It transports visitors to a tropical island paradise. This amazing concept works all year long, especially in the winter when we all wish we could be relaxing on the beach sipping coconut water. Lush vegetation is required here, like enormous palm fronds, proteas, orchids, and hibiscus flowers. Serving out fresh seafood foods like sushi with beverages in coconuts as hula or fire dancers amuse the gathering. Decorate with surfboards, pineapples, bamboo accents, and hammocks.

Black & White

This classic event theme demonstrates that being simple need not be dull. And like a little black dress, it’s a concept that any event organiser can use to impress the audience. Mix it up with striped accents, checkered accents, chevron draperies and linens, a checkered dance floor, or even a hypnotic black-and-white photo backdrop à la James Bond. Continue using white flowers like roses or substitute bright blossoms for colour pops.


The activities and entertainment options at a carnival are plentiful and include rides, games, and performances. Create a big-top tent-like atmosphere indoors or out by using creative striped archways or a tent structure. Fill the area with booths selling fair fare like popcorn, cotton candy, and fried treats; decorate with vivid, bold patterns and colours like polka dots; and equip the photo booth with decorations like red noses. If it’s a kid’s party, make sure to include some enjoyable activities for the grownups as well, such as alcoholic slushies.


Bedouin tent booths, enormous palm trees, desert oasis, cushions, large pots and baskets, large lanterns, flying carpets, and royal landscapes are a few examples of the lavish red and gold cloth drapes.

A truly unforgettable event can be created by combining a very popular current theme, adding a Moroccan atmosphere to your party, with some luscious and juicy cuisine options provided by our preferred source. We only use the finest Moroccan furniture, draperies, and decorations. You and your guests will be able to truly imagine themselves in a luxurious Bedouin tent thanks to our distinctive authentic Moroccan style. We also value accuracy in the details, so we now provide stunning printed invitations with an Arabian Nights theme for you to distribute to your guests.


The summer of love is exclusively associated with the 1960s! With tie-dye outfits, peace signs, flower power, and rainbow-colored decorations surrounding campfires and on beaches, this cool theme simply makes everyone grin! To complete the effect, add a VW camper van peeking through or maybe a street food cart. We adore this vibrant motif and how it can delight both the older visitors and the younger ones.

King of the Jungle 

As a choice for a sustainable or green theme, the jungle motif is gaining popularity. We see it as having a throne for the King or Queen as well as foliage, vines, plants, trees, exotic creatures, water elements, and animal prints! Another entertaining option is a Jungle Book theme featuring all the characters and music that make this Disney classic so beloved. An “I’m a guest, get me out of here!” sign is a fantastic solution for business gatherings. During the event, we can assign them a variety of team-based activities like blind tasting or sensing what’s in the jar! Additionally, you might have meet-and-greet performers in animal costumes!


If you prefer the luxuries of your hotel room and have nightmares about camping, a glamping-themed event might be just what you need to change your mind.This could either take place in actual glamping tents outside, or we could set up a glamping experience within your location with a draped ceiling, festoon lights, a fake fire pit for toasting marshmallows, and loads of outdoor games. Because it enables relationships to form outside of traditional corporate bounds, glamping makes for an excellent networking subject. Include team-building activities and Scouts-inspired challenges to truly up the event’s impact! 


Bollywood has become a popular choice for parties because of its music, dance, brilliant colours, and, most importantly, the food, which works well for both formal dining and street food. Everything is vibrant with a Bollywood motif that successfully integrates red, blues, pinks, purple, and gold. Use these colours with mood lighting to enhance the effect. We adore adding Indian carpets, low seats, and vibrant cushions to the seating. Use elephant statues and Indian idols as decorations. Draping works effectively to bring down high ceilings. Dhol drummers, Bollywood dancers, and henna artists all contribute greatly to the theme’s entertainment value. Why not invite everyone outside and have a Holi powder party when everyone is dressed in white?

80’s Theme

Given that it gave rise to some of the most amazing pop, music, and fashion innovations, the retro decade is a fantastic time period for a retro-themed event. Events with an 80s theme are a lot of fun because we get to dance to our favourite soul music and perfect our “Madonna Moves.” Along with vibrantly coloured wall draping, Slinky Ceiling Décor, neon signage, and Ghetto Blaster Boombox accessories, change venues! You can turn any party into a groover by adding some posters in the 80s fashion.

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