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Wedding trends predictions for 2023

2022 will forever be the year of the return of the post-pandemic wedding scene. But which novel wedding trends might we expect in 2023? As we all try to catch up with wedding trends, numerous personalised wedding styles and unconventional wedding trends have emerged. There has been a shift toward smaller gatherings and a greater emphasis on your guests’ contributions to your special day.

You’re in for a treat if you’re arranging a wedding for 2023! There are so many astounding wedding trends that are expected to be quite popular next year. We can help with everything from unusual colour schemes to brand-new suggestions for your ceremony and celebration. Learn more about the most amazing wedding trends for 2023 by reading on.

Here are some wedding trends that we expect to be trendy in 2023:

Micro Weddings

Micro weddings are small, intimate ceremonies with 40 or fewer people. They can include all the customary wedding components or just be special to the couple. A micro wedding’s key selling point is that it can be smaller, more intimate, and more relaxed. In comparison to a larger wedding, the bride and groom have more time to spend with each guest. Budgets are also less constrained because you can spend more per person on each guest without reducing other expenses.

Males Of Honor

It only makes sense that we would want to include our closest friends in our bridal party after spending so much time apart. This could imply that you have males of honour or mates in place of maids, flower boys in place of flower girls, or groomsmaids in place of groomsmen. At the bachelor party or bachelorette, you might see a few women or a few guys. Many of us are prepared to abandon the custom and focus instead on having fun with the ones who matter to us most.


Bold and distinctive colour schemes are one of the top trends we’re projecting for 2023. Say goodbye to pastel colours and the white dress. More and more couples are choosing bold colour choices that perfectly capture their personalities.

If you’re organising a wedding for 2023, don’t be scared to try some unusual colour combinations. And keep in mind that since it is your wedding, anything goes. Need assistance choosing the ideal colour palette for your wedding? You can live out your ambitions by working with a source like Beyond Planners.

Outdoor Weddings

Between 2020 and 2021, outdoor weddings were quite popular, and this pattern seems to be expected to persist. An outdoor wedding under the cover of a gazebo offers a lot more variation than a set location indoors. You can select from a variety of locations and backdrops for more photo opportunities as long as the venue has a licence and some cover. In 2023, an indoor location with access to the outdoors might also be popular during the colder months.


The use of inventive ceremony backdrops is another major trend we’re noticing for 2023. We adore the creative ways that couples are arranging their wedding ceremonies.

There are numerous ways to make your ceremony area distinctive, such as statement arches and hanging plants. Additionally, this will make your wedding photos even more stunning. The gorgeous floral arrangements from Designer Flowers Essex are why we adore them.


The entertainment you select for your wedding reception should make it a joyful and entertaining celebration of your marriage. The days of hiring a band or DJ are long gone. Couples are now choosing more original and engaging types of entertainment.

Everything from aerialists to fire dancers is on display. When looking for entertainment for your wedding, look outside the box if you want it to be genuinely memorable. For instance, Funky Casinos will turn the location of your wedding into a glamorous casino.

Personalized Weddings

With only 17% of couples wanting more than 100 guests in 2022, it appears that couples will have a smaller guest list for their wedding in 2023. Many people are deciding to forgo a traditional wedding with a large guest list and lots of traditional traditions due to the lower guest list. In 2023, casual meals, contrasting colour palettes, and smaller guest lists will be in vogue. People have abandoned the typical, lavish wedding in recent years, and many of them don’t miss it. A customised wedding has the advantage of making the couple and their guests feel more at ease on their special day.

Sustainable Wedding

In 2023 and beyond, it will be difficult to find single-use plastics and harmful materials. Whether it’s through locally sourced cuisine or environmentally friendly wedding favours, couples are embracing their special day as an opportunity to lessen their effect.

Want to make your wedding more environmentally friendly? Select Beyond Planners for their mouthwatering, regionally sourced food suggestions.


Top Gun is playing in theatres, and Kate Bush is at the top of the music charts. Why not embrace the 80s on your wedding day, as they are making a big comeback? Puffed sleeves, layers of organza, and some really theatrical details should all be anticipated.

The top three wedding trends for 2023 are therefore presented to you. We are eager to see what the upcoming year has in store for us. Do you intend to get married in 2023? For all of your wedding inspiration, don’t forget to keep reading our blog.

Incorporate live music into your wedding reception to make your guests feel like they’re at a concert! Mix it up and pick a band or genre that veers from the standard wedding music

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